Technical Analysis: Full TA with Strange Indicators

video: This video shows one way to take a stock from idea to full trade setup using some well known technical indicators and a few esoteric indicators. The latter can add a new dimension and maybe a better trade.- Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Gold Breakout

video: Gold and gold ETFs now sport some positive signs including short-term breakouts. It could be a decent play but don’t expect a monster rally based on the evidence we have at this time. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Retail? Really?

video: Retail stock performance lately goes against the prevailing wisdom of a weak economy and weak market. It is not a leader at this time but it always pays to examine evidence that disagrees with the consensus. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Linear vs. Log Scaled Trendlines

video: It is usually better to use log scaling on a chart when the price changes are very large. However, flipping back and forth to linear will show which works best in the current situation. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Big Picture Topping Process

video: While the big picture shows a topping process and a broken major trendline there is evidence that the current bounce is not over. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: More on On-Balance Volume

video: Stocks on the “early mover” list may be good for trading but it is a good idea to check on-balance volume first. Stocks moving higher as on-balance volume falls are not good candidates to trade from the long side. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Is IBM for Real?

video: Big Blue jumped this morning. There are now plenty of technical reasons to think the worst is over for IBM from bullish divergences to long-term retracements.  - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Food Stocks Winning

video: Defensive sectors are outperforming the market and within consumer staples, many food producers are leading. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Oil After Production Cuts

video: Production cuts from oil producers got oil and oil stocks to jump in the premarket but it now looks as if that is being rejected. - Michael Kahn, CMT