Technician Is Now Available on Android Devices

As promised when we debuted our new technical analysis and trading platform last week, we’ve just made Technician available to Android users.  Owners of Android phones and tablets can download the app from Google Play and begin enjoying free real-time charts, professional indicators, and trading from the chart.

As we get feedback from our users (email us at [email protected]), we will be making frequent updates to Technician.  These updates will appear automatically in your Technician experience, whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or our web app.  So let your voice be heard as we continue to bring technical analysis and trading into the mobile world.

Introducing Technician

Big news here at ChartIQ headquarters: After months of planning and preparation, we’ve launched Technician, the newest iteration of our charting and trading app.  We’re very excited about the new look and feel along with the new features that we’ve added.  But most of all, we’re excited that Technician is free.  It costs nothing to gain perpetual access to all 85+ indicators, every available chart type, all of our drawing and annotation capabilities, cross-device syncing of views and watch lists, StockTwits and Yahoo Finance news integration, and real-time data for US equities and forex pairs (plus access to dozens of popular international equities and indices).

Download Technician for iPhone or iPad at the Apple App Store or access it on any device through the web app.

Why are we doing this? Because the world deserves an advanced technical analysis and trading platform that corresponds with the way the people need to trade: efficiently, anytime, anywhere.

We’ve already spruced up the aesthetics, repaired some bugs, and added new studies and chart types, but there are plenty more updates right around the corner. However, don’t let our grand ideas get in the way of you sharing with us what you’d like to see in the platform. Ultimately, this is about giving you, the technical traders, what you need.  So drop us a note at [email protected] and let us know what else you’d like included in the Technician experience.

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