Linking Markets and Commodities to Trading Safely with an Upcoming Technician Toolkit

In a matter of weeks, we will be debuting the Trading Safely toolkit from our friends Shaun Downey and Jeremy King. The toolkit helps long-term investors safely invest and trade as they plan for retirement.

In this video, Shaun walks through a few examples to show how understanding the direction of equity markets or commodities can telegraph opportunities in individual stocks.

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The Long-Term Investing Method

When it comes to making money by investing, the road can often be confusing and intimidating. Instead of wasting time, energy, and money attempting to beat the market on a daily or weekly basis, take the long-term approach. The road is safer and easier to navigate when seeking financial stability. In order to achieve this, one must possess both patience and a diversified portfolio.

“Chartography”: How Technician Draws Inspiration from Google Maps

What can a technical analysis platform learn from the world’s most popular cartographer?

In the process of updating the Technician suite of products early in 2016, the team did quite a bit of research to determine the best course of action. We polled our current users to learn what they liked and what else they wanted. We submitted early prototypes for user testing. And, of course, we took a hard look at the competition to see how they were tackling the challenge of creating a technical analysis platform – how did they (attempt to, in some cases) balance clarity and power.

All of these research methods were fruitful in their own right, but we didn’t solidify Technician’s guiding principle until we expanded our inspiration beyond the borders of the fintech world to the visualization of the physical work. We turned Google Maps for inspiration.

To demonstrate how a mapping/driving directions application could inspire a technical analysis platform, let’s look at the things that Google Maps does exceedingly well.

Technical Analysis: Apple Earnings Post Mortem

Apple had some big news yesterday with good earnings. iPhone is doing well but let’s take a look at the charts so see what the market has to say about all of that. Read or watch the video here.

-Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Nat Gas Stocks Sell Opportunity

This is from the “not as it seems” department. We have the natural gas ETF and take a look at this a little flag break out Friday and bid up higher in the pre-market this morning. It’s going over the major averages and no it’s not a stock using a 200 average up here it’s still above its averages which is better than nothing. Read more or watch video here.

-Michael Kahn, CMT