Technical Analysis: Oil and Stocks Correlation on the Charts

video: Oil and stocks have moved together in near lock-step for months but it has not always been that way. Here is a subjective look at how the two trade together on the charts without relying on statistics. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Quick Sector Analysis

video: Quick analysis of sector ETFs using relative performance, a moving average and a few trendlines. Start here and then drill down for specific stocks to buy of sell. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Dow Transports Quick Review

video: The transportation index is having a nice run so far this year but overhead resistance should cap the advance soon. A quick technical review of trend and relative performance. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: CAT(erpillar) Meows Higher

video: Caterpillar finally sports some positive technicals and has already moved above a declining trendline. Not bad considering it is dependent on commodities and global markets. - Michael Kahn, CMT