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We are constantly optimizing our products to fit our users’ needs. Your feedback is essential. Reach out to us via email at [email protected] with questions, comments, issues reports, or feature requests.

In the meantime, see if theses answers to some of our most common questions are helpful.


Frequently Asked Questions


I’m new to Technician. How do I learn more about the product and how to use it?  

We’ve designed Technician to be powerful yet intuitive, but not everything is self explanatory. If you’re using the web app at, first try clicking on the “?” in the upper right corner. This will pull up explanations for each interactive element of the chart. The help blurbs change as different items are pulled up on screen (e.g. opening StockTwits or Trading panels).

You can also find a quick reference guide in the web app by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner and selecting “App Help + Settings”.

A more detailed user guide can be found in our Resource Center here:

Also, check out our Introduction to Technician video and other helpful tutorials on our YouTube page:


What asset classes and exchanges do I have access to? Can I pay for additional data?

With your free Technician account, you get access to real-time BATS data for US equities and indices. You also receive real-time data for forex currency pairs.

Futures data is available at a 15-minute delay.

Your free account also gives you access to many other exchanges and index groups with 15-minute delayed intraday or end of day data. Check out our full data coverage here:

Currently, there is no way to pay for additional data tiers in Technician. Please let us know what level of data access you are looking for by emailing us at [email protected].


Why can’t I find the symbol I’m looking for?

Most US stocks and forex pairs in Technician use common symbols. Futures also use common symbols preceded by a “/”.

However, many of indices and international exchanges require unique extensions to be appended to the common symbol. That list of index group and exchange extensions can be found here:

Additionally, some indexes have unique symbols. Commonly searched indices can be found here:

Why I am getting a “Symbol Not Found” error message?

Most of the time, this error message appears when you select an intraday period for a symbol for which Technician does not provide intraday data. See our full data coverage here:

Occasionally, a symbol makes its way into our searchable database even though we do not provide any data access for that symbol. To see if this is the case, change your periodicity to 1D or greater. If the error message appears again, we do not provide data for that symbol.


Does Technician provide access to Indian exchanges like the NSE or BSE?

Yes, Technician does provide data for the NSE and BSE. End of day data is provided for the NSE and 15-minute delayed intraday data is provided for the BSE. To pull up a chart, append the .XNSE or .XBOM extensions to the common symbol name. Alternatively, you can type in the common name of the stock — like “Punjab National Bank” — into the search bar and select from the matched options.


How do I find the Dow Jones? What about the S&P 500?

You do have access to these common indices! They just have unique symbols in Technician. The symbol for the Dow Jones Industrial is DJI.IND_DJI. The S&P 500 is SPX.INDCBSX.

Other popular index symbols can be found here:

Additionally, typing in the common name of the index — like “Dow Jones Industrial” or “S&P” — into the search bar will pull up a list of matching symbols. Click “Indexes” below the search bar to only search indices.


Can I place trades through Technician?

Technician is integrated with Tradier Brokerage to provide users with an intuitive trade from the chart capability. All you have to do to begin executing trades directly from the charts is open a Tradier Brokerage account by clicking on the green “Trading” button on the right side of the web app ( and selecting “Connect Account”. This will take you through the process of opening a Tradier Brokerage account and connecting it to Technician.

If you already have a Tradier account, clicking “Connect Account” from the “Trading” panel will allow you to enter your Tradier credentials and connect to Technician.

Once connected, you can execute trades through Technician from any device. You can also view your portfolio and your open orders through the web app on desktops, laptops, and tablets.

You can test the trading functionality before opening a Tradier account by clicking “Start Demo” from the “Trading” panel in the web app. Learn more about how trading from the chart works by viewing our video:

Tradier Brokerage currently only offers US equity and index trading. Forex trading capabilities within Technician are coming soon.