Technical Analysis: Key Sectors Still Lagging

video: All four of the sectors that are key to any healthy market are still lagging. That makes it very difficult to be bullish at this time. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Quick Look at Yen

video: The yen has been the ultimate “risk off” asset and after a long base it has been on the move higher. Perhaps a change for the worse here might signal a change for the better in stocks. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Disney and Log Scales

video: Using Disney as an example, it is worthwhile to look at trendlines drawn on linear scales and well as log scales to gain a better perspective of what is going on.  - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: S&P 500 Basic TA

video: Basic technical analysis can help set a framework for the stock market. Trendlines, supports and measuring techniques help determine where the market can go and how to know if that forecast is wrong. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Bad News for European Banks

video: Domestic bank indices have broken down but it is worse overseas. European banks are in rough shape and some are trading below their financial crisis lows. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: Business Stocks Not Happy

video: The economy seems to be chugging along, albeit grudgingly, but business related stocks tell a less than enthusiastic story. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Forex Trading is Now Available in Technician through Partnership with Tradable

We are thrilled to announce that Technician’s unique Trade from the Chart ability that US equity traders have enjoyed for over a year is now available to forex traders. Through our partnership with Tradable, Technician users can now connect to many different major FX brokers — including FXCM, CFH Clearing, and more. Coupled with free real-time FX data and a full suite of powerful technical analysis tools, Technician now allows FX traders to initiate trades right from the chart as soon as their analysis uncovers an opportunity. The trading functionality is available on all devices: phones, tablets, and desktops.

Tradable provides an easy-to-use API for apps and websites for FX traders. With Tradable, users can enjoy a low level of latency and a high level of security. Tradable is constantly adding new brokerages, so keep an eye out for additional brokerage connections in Technician in the coming months.

Patrick Mortensen, Head of Commercial at Tradable commented, “We are truly excited about our new partnership with Technician. The speed at which Technician is evolving is remarkable. We are amazed by the impressive growth and constant flow of great new tools Technician is providing. Being part of such a great service, with our integrated trading API, means a great deal to us and is really what we are all about. Technician has integrated trading very intuitively and simple. We look forward to seeing how traders looking for an edge in their trading will embrace the trading-enabled service.”

Learn more about how to connect your Technician account to an FX brokerage account:

See the full press release announcement:



Technical Analysis: Bounce Over?

video: A few technicals to watch to help figure out if the current market bounce is over or part of something bigger. - Michael Kahn, CMT

Technical Analysis: FANG Price Performance

video: A look at how relative price performance suggested Facebook and Alphabet (Google) would do well and how Netflix and Amazon would not. - Michael Kahn, CMT