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It’s time for smart traders to ditch the dated charting technology of the ‘90s. Technician combines real-time data with serious analytical horsepower and intuitive mobile design to give you a seamless technical analysis and trading experience that’s fit for the modern world. On any device. From anywhere. For free.

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Technician goes where you go

With all of your charts and analysis with you wherever you go - no matter the device - you’ll always be ready to execute the perfect trade.

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An incredible array of tools at your disposal

Smart mobile design doesn’t mean dumbed down: Technician boasts over 80 indicators, so you can analyze your charts your way. Click the button below and check out the crazy-long list.

  • Bollinger Bands®
  • Commodity Channel Index
  • MACD
  • Momentum Indicator
  • Moving Average
  • Parabolic SAR
  • RSI
  • Stochastics
  • Volume
  • Volume Underlay
  • Visual Earnings™
  • Accumulative Swing Index
  • Alligator
  • Aroon
  • Aroon Oscillator
  • Average True Range
  • ATR Bands
  • ATR Trailing Stops
  • Awesome Oscillator
  • Bollinger %B
  • Bollinger Bandwidth
  • Center of Gravity
  • Chaikin Money Flow
  • Chaikin Volatility
  • Chande Forecast Oscillator
  • Chande Momentum Oscillator
  • Detrended Price Oscillator
  • Donchian Channel
  • Donchian Width
  • Ease of Movement
  • Ehler Fisher Transform
  • Elder Force Index
  • Elder Ray
  • Fractal Chaos Bands
  • Gopalakrishnan Range Index
  • Gator Oscillator
  • Heikin-Ashi
  • High Low Bands
  • Highest High Value
  • Historical Volatility
  • Ichimoku Clouds
  • Intraday Momentum Index
  • Kagi
  • Keltner Channel
  • Klinger Volume Oscillator
  • Linear Regression Forecast
  • Linear Regression Intercept
  • Linear Regression R2
  • Linear Regression Slope
  • Lowest Low Value
  • Mass Index
  • Median Price
  • Money Flow Index
  • Moving Average Envelope
  • Negative Volume Index
  • On Balance Volume
  • Performance Index
  • Pivot Points
  • Point & Figure
  • Positive Volume Index
  • Pretty Good Oscillator
  • Price Oscillator
  • Price Rate of Change
  • Price Relative
  • Price Volume Trend
  • Prime Number Bands
  • Prime Number Oscillator
  • Random Walk Index
  • Range Bars
  • RAVI
  • Relative Vigor Index
  • Relative Volatility
  • Renko
  • Schaff Trend Cycle
  • Standard Deviation
  • Stochastic Momentum Index
  • Trade Volume Index
  • TRIX
  • True Range
  • Twiggs Money Flow
  • Typical Price
  • Ultimate Oscillator
  • Vertical Horizontal Filter
  • Volume Oscillator
  • Volume Rate of Change
  • Volume Profile
  • Williams %R
  • Williams Accumulation/Distribution

Trade right from the chart

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Execute your trades without leaving your research and analysis behind. Connect a brokerage account and see how easy trading from the chart can be.


Access the future of technical analysis. For free. Not a trial. Not a joke. It’s free.

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